Sugar Skull Floral Journal & Coloring Book ~ Color The Cover!


We’re meshing writing and coloring just in time for Halloween in our Sugar Skull Floral Journal and Coloring Book! Twelve coloring pages are included throughout the book as well as smaller versions of the skulls on various pages throughout the book. In addition, the skulls have been placed behind the gray lines on various pages in order to give you more inspiration while you write!

Key Features:

  • 7 x 10 size provides more writing space.
  • 100 pages.
  • Matte cover is suitable for coloring.
  • Great for journaling, doodling, writing and more!
  • Makes the perfect gift!

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Sugar Skull Journal: With 12 Coloring Pages ~ Day of the Dead ~ Halloween Diary Notebook ~ 7 x 10; 100 pages. Color The Cover!

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The benefits of keeping a journal are endless! Many times we think what we’re feeling, whether sadness, anger, or happiness, doesn’t need to be written down, nor by doing so, will change how we view the situation. Yet, it has been proven, writing actually helps you work through feelings, thoughts, ideas giving a deeper meaning to your world and those you choose to include.

Our journals, diaries and blank books are meant to inspire and get you writing even if you only jot down one word per day, per page! Words, drawings, scribbles, all mean something on your path to the next chapter. This book can also act as a bullet journal for your daily life. Get creative about how you spend your time and your day!

In years to come, we believe you will look back on this journal as a guide to where you came from and where you’re headed. Perhaps it will be a foreshadowing of great things to come in your life. We urge you write everyday, even if it’s a word, an affirmation, a goal you have. Keeping this in the forefront of your mind will help you stay on track with other decisions in your life.

Now, take the next step! Get yourself a journal and start writing! Have fun!


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